Fox tech’s FY 31AP This autopilot is currently on the the EasyStar. Setup can be a little difficult, there is not much support if you run into problems. Once the FY 31AP is working properly it does a pretty good job. I have had issues with it diving and not doing what is expected about 2% of the time, it may be correctable with adjustments.

I use the FY-31AP along with the Hornet OSD.

GCS (Ground Control Software): This software allows the pilot to interface with the autopilot to program waypoints, edit home position, etc. via a provided USB cable.

FY 31AP screen

UntitledFY 31AP

Programing Waypoints: Once the Autopilot is set up it is a matter of holding the “CTRL” key while clicking on the map to establish a launch point. Then use the same process to build your waypoints, finally download the waypoints to the aircraft using the download button at the top of the screen.


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