1. Arduplane this is an open source style project headed by The number of way points is limited only by the aircraft’s memory. I am very excited about this system so far the capabilities are fantastic and the set up is relatively straight forward. The ground control software is easy to install, and Awesome! I have also been highly impressed the X-bee telemetry, which allows you to receive a wealth of real time flight information and make adjustments on the fly. For the money I think this system is still better than autopilots twice the cost.

Currently I only have the basic “stability mode”  working. “loiter mode” is next on the list.


I did run into an aircraft stability problem, here is the solution.

Adrucopter stability problems solution: instructions here. Another note that would have helped me. Change the “P” value under the configuration tab, then click “Write Params” followed by “Refresh params,” which will change the settings on the aircraft. You should start with a value that is higher than necessary, you will know if the value is too high by noting oscillations is the aircraft. i.e. if you just changed the P value for roll stability to a setting you think is too high. When you fly the aircraft you will note the aircraft rapidly rolling side-to-side trying to correct itself. The next step is to slowly reduce the roll stability P value until the oscillations go away, stop there.

2. Fox tech’s FY 31AP This autopilot is currently on the the EasyStar. Setup can be a little difficult, there is not much support if you run into problems. Once the FY 31AP is working properly it does a pretty good job. I have had issues with it diving and not doing what is expected about 5% of the time, it may be correctable with adjustments.

Once the Autopilot is set up it is a matter of holding the “CTRL” key while clicking on the map to establish a launch point. Then use the same process to build your waypoints, finally download the waypoints to the aircraft.

Autopilots for airplanes

Autopilots for multicopters

1. Arducopter this is an open source style project headed by The number of waypoints is limited only by the aircraft’s memory. There are a lot of neat add-ons like sonar, and magnetometers, as well as Telemetry and OSD add-ons that are more common.

2. DJI Waypoint: This is a more expensive system than the others (around $1,200 USD).

– DJI Waypoint Manual

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